About Me; Drake Robinson

Hi there, I’m Drake Robinson, I try to have a sense of humor, but suppose I should aim towards something legitimately informative within this Bio

So, shall we?

I’m Drake,

I’m 6’4″ and a wee bit… Sarcastic? Shall we leave it at that?

So, the interesting things I suppose,

I’ve been an RPG player since 2004, basically raised on it

And I finally started GM’ing in mid 2015, and have been running that group weekly since

I love to write fiction, and have been doing that since I was nine, granted it was pretty crappy back then

But now, alas I have a finished manuscript that I’ve nearly burned a dozen times, and am making an effort to make something better from the same story.

Additionally, I’ve been doing martial arts since around the time I was seven.

And for the grand finale of this…. Bio? Well, I’ve recently gotten into automotive and want to get my hands on the 2.2 liter turbocharged 1991 Subaru engine, for my 1991 Subaru Legacy

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